Chris Abele, Milwaukee County Executive, Vetos Move To Amend Referendum


Source: Mary Laan, Chair, Move to Amend of SE WI

Move to Amend of Southeast Wisconsin
Below is the Veto that County Executive submitted after the close of business on Tuesday, August 28, thereby precluding the posting of a 24 hour required notice for a special meeting of the Board of Supervisors. He thus made sure that meeting the Wednesday deadline to submit a ballot item for the November presidential was not possible. So much for the actions of one who is part of the 1%. [August 31, 2012]


Abele is a billionaire 1%-er, heir to the Boston Scientific fortune, who thought $19,000 was too much money to spend on direct democracy. Ridiculous.

My husband Jim and I called his bluff by saying we,  a retired couple from the elite (ha) community of Riverwest, would use our own IRA money to fund the referendum. The usual and customary cost, which he quoted in n email to us, was $19,000. He changes it to $39,000.00 in this document for some reason. And for some reason,  (incompetence?) it took the County WEEKS to figure out how much ink & paper would cost to print the referendum when they gave us the original quote. Then they go and change it.

HE WROTE UP A CONTRACT STATING – QUID PRO QUO – He would not veto it if we paid for the referendum, thus proving he’s shameless -letting Jim and I  pay for our own direct democracy if we want it, when he wouldn’t even NOTICE the $19,000 out of his OWN pocket This also shows he really didn’t want to hear from his constituents. Not enough to pay $19,000, a real true pittance for someone with a budget bigger than the County itself.

To me, this also proved he doesn’t support money OUT OF POLITICS, AS AN HONEST POLITICIAN WOULD.

Even worse, he has shown he was not telling the truth in the above statement when he says he believes what Justice Stevens wrote, in his dissent to the Citizens United ruling, “a democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold”, and that he really DOES BELIEVE the plutocrats, who happen to include him and the MEN who wrote the corporate county takeover bill AB85/SB95, should rule the County. It was written with the help of Representative Joe Sanfelippo (and probably ALEC), and the Greater Milwaukee Committee, consisting of industry “leaders” and self-proclainmed “job creators” (who do not create any jobs, but send them overseas and eviscerate unions at home and hire prison slave labor).

They did not consult a single person acting as a CONSTITUENT during this process, according to a report by the Milwaukee Journal -Sentinel. They only talked amongst their business associates, and no constituents, apparently believing that what’s good for business is good for Milwaukee.  I tend to think that’s a limited, elitist, job-killing view.

The gist of this turn of affairs is that Abele vetoed a direct democracy referendum because he did NOT want to hear from We the People, all the while implying that it was because it was NOT a local issue and didn’t want to spend taxpayer money (except for Jim’s and Mine, decimating our retirement account), then turned around made it local by working with his local old boys club, consisting of corporate power-brokers, on a state law that would give him autocratic powers to sell and/or lease Milwaukee County property (which includes our magnificent, famous parks), Milwaukee Harbor, and jobs programs for the poor and disabled.

Undemocratic, elitist, truthLESS, self-serving.

According toi AB85/SB95, which were passed despite many constituent protests to the contrary at the County listening sessions, the County Board will no longer be able to negotiate these sales or leases, only approve or vote against the final product. This is a form of democracy?

I think not.

It is corporate monarchy at it’s worst. They would be more at home in China.

The final lie is the referendum. It allows the public to vote only on cutting the County Board Supervisors’ salaries, to a POVERTY WAGE of $24,000.00/year. At that rate of pay, they’d better all stay single, have no children, or get paid off for deals from local corporate interests.

What do YOU think will happen? And what will happen to our county bus system, our parks, our harbor, our poor on welfare, our disabled in the County works programs, our airport which really makes the County some good money, one of the few solvent airports in the U.S.? All we can do is watch, now.

This was a State bill, and our Governor signed it.

What will happen to Milwaukee? It’s like Abele hates Milwaukee as much as Scott Walker!

Milwaukee will make temporary money from the sales, and then, like Texas, try to buy back what was ours when the price becomes too exorbitant to rent it. Meanwhile, Abele’s books will look good – big income (and HUGE outgo/losses for we who love and live here).

What was wrong with Boston, anyhow, that Abele left it? He came to Milwaukee to run his Dad’s Argosy Foundation from Milwaukee? I don’t get it.

He made lots of friends by giving money to liberal causes, like Planned Parenthood and gay rights and the arts, simultaneously trying to take over all power for himself and his corporate buddies in Milwaukee. And disbelieving in direct democracy.

Is Milwaukee the next Detroit?    Mary Laan, Chair, Move to Amend of SE WI

Abele Veto Letter



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How do we stop America's decline? The country is in trouble and we can all feel it. Where did we go wrong? How do we fix it? We now have an auction-based government, for sale to the highest bidder. Politicians have become nothing more than corporate whores and pawns for the rich. If we want our representatives to represent us, let them get their campaign money from us, their constituents. We have to amend the constitution to get the big money out of politics.
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