How to Fix the Wealth Gap Without Killing America’s Dynamism: Mark Dow

The gap between the rich and the poor is big and getting bigger in America.

“The distribution of market income became more unequal almost continuously between 1979 and 2007,” according to the report from the Congressional Budget Office.

Here’s how the numbers break down over that time span:

  • Income for the top 1% grew 275%
  • Income for the 60% in the middle class grew 40%
  • Income for the poorest 20% grew by 18%

Source: The Daily Ticker


About James Crist

How do we stop America's decline? The country is in trouble and we can all feel it. Where did we go wrong? How do we fix it? We now have an auction-based government, for sale to the highest bidder. Politicians have become nothing more than corporate whores and pawns for the rich. If we want our representatives to represent us, let them get their campaign money from us, their constituents. We have to amend the constitution to get the big money out of politics.
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