Scott Walker is Evil

Voters in Wisconsin are screwed.  Like many Republican Governors around the nation – Governor Scott Walker jammed a restrictive voter ID law through his state legislature earlier this year requiring people to show a drivers license or other form of photo ID in order to vote.  These sorts of laws have been proven to disenfranchise poor, elderly, and college-age voters who don’t drive a car – and who also tend to vote for Democrats.  But Walker argues this isn’t about politics – it’s about curbing voter fraud – which is a non-issue that happens less often than people getting struck by lightning.  But unlike other Republican Governors – Scott Walker is going one step further to REALLY screw over voters in his state.  Walker is now closing DMV offices around Wisconsin – making it even harder for people to get the photo IDs that are now needed to vote.  And guess which DMV offices he’s closing? The ones in Democratic areas of course!  And he’s expanding hours of DMV offices in Republican areas.  Despite what Walker says – this move IS just about politics.  With Republicans state lawmakers facing 6 upcoming recall elections – and Walker himself likely facing a recall next year – it’s obvious the Governor is doing everything he can to keep his job – and chipping away at the core of democracy itself in the process. 

About James Crist

How do we stop America's decline? The country is in trouble and we can all feel it. Where did we go wrong? How do we fix it? We now have an auction-based government, for sale to the highest bidder. Politicians have become nothing more than corporate whores and pawns for the rich. If we want our representatives to represent us, let them get their campaign money from us, their constituents. We have to amend the constitution to get the big money out of politics.
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